Eerst Wouter & Camiel, nu Barack & Michelle: W/L Balans.

flexibel én in balans

Het Nieuws dat Wouter Bos en Camiel Eurlings kiezen voor een gezondere Werk/Leven balans leverde bij oud OPZIJ hoofdredactrice Ciska Dresselhuys al direct een ochtendhumeur op.

Gisteren presenteerde het presidentiële Amerikaanse koppel Barack & Michelle Obama gezamenlijk hun plannen voor een New Era of Workplace Fexibility. Ciska bereid je maar voor je volgende ochtendhumeur…. 

Amerikaans onderzoek van the White House Council of Economic Advisers laat zien dat organisaties waar medewerkers, vrouwen én mannen, hun werkzaamheden flexibel kunnen inrichten meer resultaten behalen: “Companies with flexible work arrangements can actually have lower turnover and absenteeism, and higher productivity, and healthier workers.”

Op zich is dat nog niet eens zo verrassend (flexibiliteit => betrokkenheid => commitment => (zelfs) plezier=> resultaat) als wel het feit dat beide Obama’s hierin een cruciale rol voor zichzelf zien! Kom daar in ons land maar eens om.

N.a.v. dit initiatief hielden gisteren zowel de president van de VS als de First Lady een toespraak, daarin deden beiden o.m. enkele persoonlijke ontboezemingen (nb; na Hillary Clinton is Michelle Obama een First Lady die echt deelneemt aan het regeren; tijden veranderen, zien we dat in de EU ook al?)

Barack Obama: “So let’s be clear:  Workplace flexibility isn’t just a women’s issue.  It’s an issue that affects the well-being of our families and the success of our businesses.  It affects the strength of our economy — whether we’ll create the workplaces and jobs of the future we need to compete in today’s global economy.

And ultimately, it reflects our priorities as a society — our belief that no matter what each of us does for a living, caring for our loved ones and raising the next generation is the single most important job that we have.  I think it’s time we started making that job a little easier for folks.”

Vraagt dat nog om commentaar? Nee toch.

Verder merkte Obama nog op: “We’re also committed to practicing what we preach and serving as a model for the policies that we’re encouraging.” Kortom: als je dit meent, geef zelf dan het goede voorbeeld.

“Flexibility is about attracting and retaining top talent in the federal workforce and empowering them to do their jobs, and judging their success by the results that they get — not by how many meetings they attend, or how much face-time they log, or how many hours are spent on airplanes.  It’s about creating a culture where, as Martha Johnson puts it, “Work is what you do, not where you are”. Mee eens, met Martha.

Michelle Obama: “”And as I’ve said before, I consider myself, as many of us in this room do, as a 120-percenter, which means that if I’m not doing something at 120 percent, I feel like I’m failing. And I know you all can relate to that. So while I did the best that I could at work and at home, I felt like I wasn’t keeping up with either one of them enough.

(….) Many folks don’t have access to any kind of family leave policies whatsoever. No flexible working arrangements. Many people don’t even have a paid sick day. So they are struggling — struggling every day to find affordable childcare; or someone to look after an aging parent, which is becoming more the issue; scrambling to make things work when the usual arrangements fall through. All of us have been through that.

So they spend a lot of time hoping and praying that everything will work out just perfectly. I remember those days, just the delicate balance of perfection. And as all the parents in this room know, it’s never perfect — ever.

But here’s the thing: As we all know here today, it just doesn’t have to be that way, doesn’t have to be that hard. And that’s something that I learned for myself, not just as an employee but as a manager, when I discovered that the more flexibility that I gave to my staff to be good parents, and I valued that, the happier my staff was likely to be and the greater chance they were to stay and not leave, because they knew they might not find the same kind of flexibility somewhere else.”

Hoor ik hier: preferred employer?

Overigens, los van hun nieuwe work arrangements heb ik sterk de indruk dat de Obama’s nog steeds 120-percenters zijn. Maar dat valt me ook op bij anderen die hun Werk/Leven Balans goed op orde hebben, aan hun inzet voor hun werk doet dit geen afbreuk. Sterker nog: de kwaliteit die zij leveren wordt er ‘alleen maar’ beter van!

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