Prettig Weekeinde! Rust eens lekker uit! Relax…..

Nederland staat momenteel bol van de reorganisaties. Wat te denken van organisaties als: STORK, ABN AMRO, ATOS ORIGIN, AH, DHV, DMV, BAM, ABP, UNILEVER, LAURUS om alleen maar enkele grotere organisaties te noemen. Vandaag zijn daar ING, POSTBANK en FORTIS bij gekomen, bij dat reorganiseren. Het zou dit weekeinde wel eens druk kunnen zijn op de diverse kantoren, ‘overwerk’ noemen we dat.

Toch is het belangrijk dat ‘de boog niet altijd gespannen staat’! Sterker nog enige balans in rust en werk helpt altijd als je meer efficiënt wilt opereren, als je goede besluiten wilt nemen.

Daarom: laat dit weekeinde de boel de boel en relax…….. 
Ik heb van dit Web wat relax tips voor u verzameld (nb: Amerikanen gebruiken toch de opvallendste 😉 alleen dat notebook valt wat uit de toon….) zodat u vanavond al kan beginnen met relaxen……

Regular excercise has been shown to reduce stress so get moving.

Schedule relaxing activities regularly, such as:

  • Go for a pizza and movie every Friday night 

  • Go for a walk through the park after lunch three times a week.

  • Schedule a massage or pedicure once a month.

  • Do whatever it is that you enjoy the first Saturday of every month.

Read a book or magazine that you enjoy.

Light a scented candle.

Indulge yourself – make a snack or meal that fulfills a craving.

Call and talk to a friend.

Take a bubble bath or a long hot shower.

Listen to music that you enjoy.

Have dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Invite a friend you haven’t seen in awhile over for a movie.

Try meditation or yoga.

Ride your bicycle through the forest preserve.

Go on a picnic

  • Breath–Most people tense up and hold their breath

  • Take some time for yourself everyday…you deserve it

  • Stretch those tense muscles

  • Read something up lifting every morning

  • Take 20-30 minutes a day to be in silence with nature

  • Remember the glass is always half full

  • Let go of worry and make changes in your life

  • Laugh…it’s hard to be stressed when you’re laughing

  • Give back to society and it will give back to you

  • Remember life is the journey not the destination

  • Take time to be grateful everyday

Our Top Ten Relaxation Tips

In our busy lives it isn’t easy to lead our lives from a center of peace and health. Candledance offers you these hints on moving towards a more balanced life experience. Our hope is that you will find at least one thing here that will be useful to you.

  1. 1. Make time to relax! I know, I know, there is so much to do, and if you’re not doing it you’re thinking about doing it. To relax you need to give yourself permission, to grant yourself a little time in which to practice. But it sure beats a heart attack! It also beats anxiety and exhaustion. Don’t waste your precious life on feeling exhausted. Fifteen minutes a day of relaxation practice can help a lot.
  2. 2. Carry a small notebook with you everywhere and leave it next to your bed at night. Even have it with you when you’re practicing to relax. Jot down anything that occurs to you that needs to be done. Go through the list now and then. Cross off what you really don’t need to do, and you’ll feel lighter. Then as you work your way through the list check off what you’ve done, and you’ll feel more in control of your life.
  3. 3. Sleep! If you have trouble sleeping, you’ve already tried various techniques. Here are some that worked for me. Before trying to sleep do something you love to do and don’t have time for during the day. I love to read in bed, so I always do that for at least half an hour before I sleep. I feel like I’ve given myself a gift, and that feeling is warm and good and relaxing.
  4. 4. When you get home from work, take fifteen minutes for yourself. Put the kids somewhere safe; you’ll work something out! Tell your spouse you’ll talk in fifteen minutes, and retreat.
  5. 5. Try open-eyed meditation. One way of doing this is by gazing softly (not staring) at a candle flame. Darken the room, light a candle, sit comfortably and gaze at the flame. The aim is to have a focus for the mind. So when your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the flame. Calming the mind is the basis of all relaxation techniques, and that’s why you’ll feel warm and relaxed after doing the exercise.
  6. 6. The home spa! Of course, the real thing is fantastic, but we’re talking about everyday life here. Again, it’s all about giving yourself permission both to give yourself time, and to give yourself something pleasurable.
  7. 7. Relaxation techniques are not just for the time you do them. It doesn’t help if you step out of the bathroom after your spa and yell at the kids. All these techniques give you practice and an experience of what you’re after all the time. It all takes practice. You feel very calm after meditating; so hold on to that feeling as you go about your regular life. You feel as relaxed as a rag doll after you’ve lain on the floor and relaxed your entire body, so keep the feeling with you. Don’t let things get to you. If you notice the stress building up, remember that relaxed feeling, and act from there.
  8. 8. Have fun. Have physical fun. Do things with your body. In my case, when I’m told I SHOULD do something (even when I’m the one doing the telling!) I get rebellious, and I resist doing it. So I tell myself I COULD. I COULD go for a stroll after dinner. I COULD join a tap dancing class with my friend. I COULD join a Tae Kwon Do class with my daughter (and I did!). So give yourself permission to choose. Because when you do allow your body to get physical it does feel so good.
  9. 9. Do what you love. Don’t let your life go by without following your dreams. When you love what you do, it’s a kind of relaxation. And you’re not burdened by the stress of unfulfilled dreams. Even if you can’t live your dreams all the time, at least make time for them. That can be enough. And then it’s very possible that you will learn to love what you must do.
  10. 10. And finally, and very importantly, make time for your friends and family. Never let your work come before those you love. Always be there for your loved ones. Consider the broad view to see where your deepest satisfaction lies, and live your life with no regrets.

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