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Blue Card, Green Card or Red Card?

In ‘The War for Talent’ the European Union now introduces the Blue Card, the Blue Card as counterpart for the (according to Europeans) infamous American Green Card.

European economy is in a desperate need for talent, preferably: Top Talent. Top Talent in the form of immigrants. It’s not that there is a shortage in immigrants, far from it. Each day hundreds of immigrants enter the European Union on the borders of Spain and Italy. But they’re from Africa and they are not really graded as ‘Top Talent’….. So together with the Americans we’re on the chase for top talent coming from Asia. Can the Blue Card help?

I doubt it but lets find out and in the mean time it would be a good idea to also introduce a Red Card. A Red Card that stops European Top Talent to achieve a Green Card. After all: in the Netherlands alone last year 132.000 emigrants left the country, amongst them were a considerable number of Top Talent leaving for the US.

So introducing a Red Card that prohibits European Top Talent from leaving European economy.